Description of Quzu IPTV Our IPTV App offers you everything needed for a streaming app. Enjoy your favourite movies and TV series on your device! Quzu TV With Quzu IPTV, you can find dozens of channels or programs in many different categories from magazine to sports world, from health to fashion, and you can watch broadcast streams as you wish. You can easily access your favorite TV series, movies, documentaries, or programs at home, at school, at work or while traveling with Quzu IPTV and enjoy the entertainment. Quzu IPTV features; • Follow your broadcasts in different languages with multi-language option • Advanced search feature • Add your own list remotely to Quzu TV • Use Quzu IPTV securely with your family thanks to parental control • Remote control always at hand with Quzu TV • Thanks to Chromecast Support, images can be transferred via HDMI port. • With the advanced features of the IPTV application, you do not need to have an extra player on your device. Quzu TV has a handy built-in player equipped with many features. • When you want to experience Quzu TV, you can test the system with the 7-day free trial feature and watch the stream of the channel or production you want. At the end of the free IPTV trial period, you can continue your subscription or terminate it. Opportunities offered by Quzu TV Quzu TV allows you to experience IPTV pleasure on SD and HD Digital TV, Apple TV, Samsung Tizen, Android TV devices and LG Web OS, and it works on both TV and PC. It is also the center of interaction: live news, RSS feeds, Video on Demand (VOD), Music on Demand (MOD), providing easy access to dozens of broadcast streams in the form of information pages. You can fully adjust and customize the programs according to your own wishes and tastes. One of its most important features is that it has remote access for system monitoring and maintenance. How Can You Use Quzu IPTV? Any home with internet access can access Quzu IPTV services, so you can easily use Quzu TV from Android Phone, Android Tablet and Android TV wherever you want. You can use Quzu IPTV almost anywhere, on buildings, vehicles, ships and even aircraft. • Download the Quzu TV mobile app and watch tutorial videos to learn how to install and where to start. • After installation, you can follow your favorite programs live easily on your TV, mobile or web. • In Quzu IPTV, you can also create your own list as M3U URL or XTREAM-CODES API and you can access live TV channels such as movies, series, match broadcasts, radio in the fastest and easiest way. Legal Release Situations • Quzu IPTV does not provide or contain any media or content other than some sample fake links. • Users must provide their own content, the application is only a platform for playing content. • Quzu TV has no affiliation with any third party provider. • Do not stream copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder. You should note that Quzu IPTV does not refer to the device you are watching your content on, any web-enabled device must be able to view such content. Instead, Quzu IPTV simply refers to the way data is distributed over the internet.

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