Rapid Math Tricks & Tips

Description of Rapid Math Tricks & Tips This is an app which introduce you to short tricks for quickly solve mathematics problem and aptitude problems . Rapid Math Tricks & Tips provide you short and sweet way to find the solution of numerical question .This Application Demonstrates a slew of time-saving tips and tricks for performing common math calculations. Contains sample for each trick, leading the reader through step-by-step. This free app teaches you tricks to break down large calculations into simple additions, subtractions and multiplications so that you can perform lighting fast calculations. People around you will be amazed on seeing your mental speed in multiplying, squaring and adding numbers. These simple math secrets and tricks will forever change how you look at the world of numbers. Get ready to amaze your friends—and yourself—with incredible calculations you never thought you could master.Here are our top techniques and tips for getting the most out of calculation.—————————————————-,——————————————————Features—————————————————-,—————————————————– 1. Divisibility Rules for numbers 2. Multiplication Tips4. Multiplying Numbers5. Dividing Numbers6. Adding Numbers7. Subtracting Numbers 8. SAMPLE Math Tricks Dividing by numbers.9. Rapid Math Tricks & Tips provide that, How can you save the time to easy catch the short tricks.10. Easy to understandable. 11. Very Easy to use.12. More effective tips are available in this app. For more tips just go to setting of this app and click on more from developer you can achieve more tips and newly ideas in a single unit, Many & More Tips are available . hurry up its free in play store this is amazing app to got a short trick to solve the question and quick calculation ,Its very light weighted to use.

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