R+ m.Task (ROBOTIS)

Description of R+ m.Task (ROBOTIS) R+ m.Task is a software designed for mobile device to program robots (OLLO, DREAM, SMART, STEM, BIOLOID) developed by ROBOTIS Co., Ltd. [Features]1. Basic programming Just like RoboPlus S/W PC version, creating file, editing, selecting function and configuration is available. 2. Download file into the robotAttach BT-110A or BT-210 onto the robot and connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth for program downloading. ((NOT Compatible with CM-5, CM-510, CM-700.)3. Sample task codes includedWhen installing, OLLO Task code files for Explorer, Inventor, and Challenger kits come included.4. Wireless control of the robotWithout RC-100A remote controller, you can take control of the robot (Joystick mode, Tilting mode, Button mode)5. Monitor the robot’s output real-timeOnce connected via Bluetooth, you can monitor the program output on the screen# roboplus task

Download APK(2.66MB)

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