Description of MOORE TALK More than just communication.Connected with Moore dolls, social group will be tightened more closely.It bring a whole new concept of APP. MOORE TALK "Voice Magic" allows you to change the MOORE doll’s voice, like a robot, a monster or a cute baby.And MOORE TALK "Player Helper" can help you to select the timing to play your message, like play directly, notify by LED/Sound, play when picked up, and schedule to play.Kids can use doll and other family members use MOORE TALK, then messages from any family member will be delivered to all the other members, like group chat. Besides, the audio contents are categorized in the Mooredoll Cloud and can be searched by key words from MOORE TALK. Parents can even pre-listen the audio books or music on-line first before deciding to send it to it to the doll.

Download APK(9.68MB)

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