BitMob Radius Communicator

Description of BitMob Radius Communicator Bit:Mob is the Revolutionary Omni Social Radius Communication App that allows users to have cross platform messaging to users in a Specific Broadcast Radius of their choice, across any and all of their favorite social networks, or to interest groups in their immediate area, or anywhere in the world. The BitMob platform then allows users to create infinite Micro Social Networks for Global communication via Video, Audio, Text and Data for Free! Now you can “broadcast” multimedia messages to other users within a radius of your location that YOU determine. Your community of users changes dynamically as you move about, so content from users within your radius stays on your screen, while content from users outside the radius drops off. Bit:Mob operates much like a Global Satellite Phone, but with access to all of your favorite social networks and a patent-pending Radius Broadcast function where you can communicate with anyone in a defined area, whether they are in any of your networks or not! With Bit:Möb's unique format, YOU control your social network feeds in and out. It also includes direct AND MicroSocialNetwork messaging screens, ALL of your Bit:Möb, social and phone contacts plus a shareable local events feed. And, you can REMOB messages from the main feed to any user in your radius, to your social networks, or out to any micronet you’re a member of. Your social contacts are available on the contacts screen as soon as you log with your social networks, and you can invite any of them to join the conversation whether or not they have Bit:Mob, installed, or are simply a part of any of your social contacts across all platforms!

Download APK(12.94MB)

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